Zadeno Trio wins the European Jazz Contest 2017

The 8th Edition of the EUROPEAN JAZZ CONTEST  was held on the 20th of November at Casa del Jazz.

The winners of the 2017 edition selected by an international jury made up of musicians and teachers from the most important European Conservatoire, are ZADENO TRIO, made up by Claudio Jr De Rosa, sax (1992), Alessio Bruno, bass (1985) and Jacopo Zanette, drums (1989).

The trio won:

– a concert of 6 venues that will be held in: Rome, Milan, Maastricht, Gent, Leipzig, Antwerp

– live recording of their performance at casa del jazz and distribution on digital platforms


Zadeno Trio,  born in the Netherlands during the summer of  2014, is a project guided by the Neapolitan sax player Claudio Jr De Rosa and completed by Alessio Bruno at double bass and Jacopo Zanette at drums.

The sound of the trio, largely inspired by traditional post-bop, has acquired over time various elements of great innovation, being subject to the influences of famous trios such as those of Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins, Elvin Jones and also of ensembles guided by great musicians such as Chris Potter and Joshua Redman.

The three musicians have different musical backgrounds, but having met in the Netherlands have performed in 90 concerts in Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands and Romania. They are winners of various international prizes and have recorded and published their first album “Holes in the Ground” for “Emme Record Label” in February 2016. All the musicians participate in the project as composers and arrangers.


Holes in the Ground, 2016. Emme Record Label, Producer Emme Produzioni Musicali. Published online on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon.




The jury, chaired by the Director of  Saint Louis M° Stefano Mastruzzi, awarded special prizes to the best soloist, bass player, guitar player and drummer to:

Adrien Leconte miglior solista (drummer of LAURduo)

Mathias Bøttern best guitar player (Apricity Quartet)

Alessio Bruno best bass player (Zadeno Trio)

Jacopo Zanette best drummer (Zadeno Trio)

Prizes: amplifier Hartke HD75,  Ibanez Artcore guitar AS53-TF and Zildjan 16” K CUSTOM SPECIAL DRY CRASH offered by Mogar Music.


During the concert the following bands performed:

-LAURduo: piano e drums (France)

-Johannes Bigge Trio: piano, double bass, drums (Germany)

-Zadeno Trio: drums, sax, double bass (Italy)

-Apricity Quartet: drums, guitar, double bass, sax (Denmark)

The Contest was evaluated by a Jury made up of experts of the industry, record-industry executives, teachers, musicians from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy. Amongst the judges: Director Stefano Mastruzzi, Maestro Antonio Solimene and Giovanni Candia from Saint Louis College of Music, Barbara Wiernik from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Ralf Schrabbe from HMT-Leipzig, Leon Lhoest from Hogeschool Gent, Enrico Intra from the Civici corsi di Jazz di Milano, Joep Van Leeuwen from Conservatorium Maastricht, Fabrizio Salvatore and Alessandro Guardia from Alfa Music label and Antonio Monzino and Fernanda Altavilla of Mogar.

Zadeno Trio:

Apricity Quartet:



Johannes Bigge Trio: